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Argentina is automatically connected with Evita. One of the typical reactions to whoever I say that I am living in Argentina -one I already get bored-  is that they start singing “don’t cry for me Argentina”. Of course, that is the Evita everyone seems to know, the one of the Broadway musical.

If you want to get a touch of Argentina, this Broadway show is the one you should see. Not only is it the story of the wife of an ex-Argentine president, about all the spectators –at least all the ones that sat around us- are Argentine. About the only word you heard after the show during the standing ovation, was “maravillosa”. With the Argentine accent, of course.

I once read that every Argentine seems to have an opinion of Eva Peron : they either love or hate her. And she is probably hated as much as she…

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Fuck You Sofia Sondervan

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There is a distinct similarity between Prospect Heights now and Brixton, South London in the late 80’s.

The ethnic mix, the 19th Century architecture, the potential.

Caribbean accents shouting over the sleepy neighbourhood.

A man, wearing his dreadlocks crammed into a woolen hat, screams at a lover. “Suck my dick you bitch!” his roadside companions say, “Chill man.” He ignores them, grabbing hold of his cock through his baggy jeans. “Go on, suck my fucking cock you fucking bitch.”

Every morning at sun rise I walk the dog through the fetid neighbourhood.

The once elegant streets, charming garden enclaves, Victorian arches to long abandoned mews. The beaux-arts flourishes and tatty pediments, the flaking eves and badly painted architrave in desperate need of wholesale renovation/conservation.

“This is the front line.” I hear a cocky young white boy say to his distressed looking girl.

The charming coffee shops and elegant restaurants are…

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