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“Trouble with the Curve” is a nice little movie. It is a baseball movie to be enjoyed by baseball fans and non-fans (like me) alike. The best way to describe “Trouble with the Curve,” without giving away too much, is that has a good story populated with top notch actors playing real people.   The story and direction are simple and direct.

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Colin Firth and Cameron Diaz team up in the remake of 1966 crime caper Gambit, as the first trailer for the Joel and Ethan Coen penned film arrives online.

Michael Hoffman (The Last Station, One Fine Day) directs this modern retelling which looks to bring a splash of the Coens’ humour to an Oceans Eleven style heist flick.

Firth plays a London art curator working for billionaire Lionel Shahbander (Rickman) who hires a ditzy Texan rodeo queen (Diaz) to help him con his boss into buying a fake Monet painting.

In the original, Michael Caine and Shirley MacLaine took the lead roles, and now Firth and Diaz look to have a similar chemistry on screen here.

With an occasionally naked Rickman, as well as Stanley Tucci and Cloris Leachman rounding out the cast, Gambit looks set to be a thrilling and hilarious film in true Coen…

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Lazy dogs all hovering above and beyond our playground. Looking for love, looking for a magic fruit. A dark blue ball and a velvet rope are their toys. And then…. we are coming! My dog and me! He is prideful, cocksure of oneself, ready to win all eyes! His sharp tooth shines under the light of a pillar, his eyes glitters of emotion! He is the focus of interest! Again! He loves big walks! He loves to be out in the world! He is a star! A big star! Everyone spells his name! One day someone was keeping VMAN magazine! My dog saw the cover! Tom Brady and a dog. One common dog! He went mad from anger! He threw a booth with his tread! But now the neighbours look at me with fear! Not my fault! Now I go out just when the night falls! Not my fault! Sometimes…

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